Cammodels Can Sell Kik Sessions

Kik the social media app for messaging has been an adult workers tool for texting for some time now. Although the popular app has been a great competitor for Facebook’s WhatsApp and even Snapchat, Kik has still maintained it’s prescence as a cammodel’s favorite. And now since Kik has raised over $120 Million dollars dedicated to it’s new crypto currency Kin, I think using the app for selling texting packages is an ideal egg for any cammodel’s basket. Currently one the best ways to sell independent sexting packages on Kik is with IndieBill, one of over 20 businesses within the Boleyn Models network.

cammodels sell kik sessions

It’s very possible to sell sexting packages without using mobile apps at all. Cammodels and adult performers who wish to interact can sell texting and phone sex calls via Google Voice and Skype as well. But I find it very interesting and revolutionary with Kik’s new crypto currency that I suspect in time will really take off. But in the meantime cammers can either create lifetime memberships using Kik or provide individual Kik sessions using IndieBill for payment processing. As previously stated IndieBill is apart of the Boleyn Models Daily Pay program and gives models the ability to sell Snapchat subscriptions, Skype Shows and instant downloads. Why not add Kik to the mix?

camgirls sell kik sessions

I’ve recently started offering texting via the Kik app and in my experience it’s been a better use of my time to only offer sessions versus a lifetime membership. Once I created my payment page via IndieBill, I quickly found that selling lifetime memberships to individual fans created obstacles that monopolized a great deal of my time. Lifetime members tend to expect around the clock interactions and may not understand if you decide to respond to text for any specified amount of time. But by selling sessions that run for as short a period as ten minutes, I’m able to control the amount of time spent interacting through the app. I only started offering the service because over the years I’ve gotten numerous request for texting  and I’ve witnessed a surge in texting platforms emerge within cammodel communities. Although selling texting packages isn’t my main source of income, there are members within my fanbase who definitely enjoy it. And because I have a healthy sized fanbase I can advertise my sessions via my social media campaigns and collect payments independently without using  texting platforms. This way my profits are much larger with an increased payout because I’ve generated my own traffic. Selling Kik sessions isn’t a bad gig if you need one more work from home job to add to your repertoire.

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