Cammodels Can Earn Two Bonuses In One Week

It’s happening again, two cammodel bonuses in one week. Boleyn Models who live stream on Streamate can double their money just in time for Christmas. Once again Streamate has decided to present a 30% bonus week starting on December 15th. The event comes to a close on December 21st (GMT). Cammodels within our daily pay network will also qualify for additional money when they live stream on Streamate for at least six days out of the week. This is a weekly bonus that we present to those who stream on Streamate through out the year. This is a wonderful way to earn additional income and get paid immediately afterward.

Here’s How The Holiday Bonus Week Works:

If you earn at least $25, Streamate we’ll match 30% of the full amount. Let’s say you earn $100 in earnings this means they will add an additional $30 to your total. Once the bonus is added you will then have earned $130! But there’s more…

On Streamate, we double your second-lowest day and pay it out to you again as a bonus at the end of the week.  Models working at least 6 days a week, even in small shifts, can increase their payouts on Streamate effectively up to the full 35% basic site rate. For more information on how existing models can transfer please read Streamate Daily Pay Transfer FAQ. And if that’s not enough money for you there’s another opportunity for Streamate models to get earn even more.

Two days after the Holiday Bonus week there will be a December Holiday Contest. The contest will be a two day event that starts on Christmas Eve Dec 24 and comes to a close on December 26th (GMT). Cammodels have the opportunity to win a top prize of $5000 and a chance to earn a $25 gift. So even if you don’t place in the cammodel contest you can still receive a $25 bonus from Streamate during the three day event. That amount can be a lovely addition to your wallet especially if you’re also participating in the Boleyn Models weekly bonus.

Here’s The Prize List For The Streamate Holiday Contest

After the contest ends, the top 200 performers will earn rewards, with a grand prize of $5000:

Prize List

1st place: $5,000!
2nd place: $4,000
3rd place: $3,000
4th place: $2,000
5th place: $1,000
6-10th places: $750
11-20th places: $500
21-50th places: $250
51-100th places: $100
101-200th places: $50

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