Cammodels Earn A 10% Bonus As A Streamate Tester

The Boleyn Models Daily Pay network has an announcement for all cammodels working on Streamate. Starting on 1/13/19 GMT, Streamate will offer a 10% bonus for cammodel testers who stream at least 10 hours while using one of three streaming options. If you’re signed up for Streamate Daily pay with Boleyn Models that’s just one more incentive to stream live from now until 1/19/19. As usual we have our own cammodel bonus for Streamatemodels who choose to participate. More information about the weekly requirements can be found here.

streamate boleynmodels bonus week
By the end of 2018 Streamate, our top site for both new cammodels as well as veterans, had released several new versions for cammodels to stream on their platform. Additonally they released a faster version of Cam2Cam. Now that they’ve made those speed improvements to Cam2Cam and the SMConnect, they’d like to stress test the new changes with more performers to gather data and help them make further improvements. Using any of these methods will increase your stream speed and stability. As a special incentive, if you spend at least 10 hours streaming with the improved connection during that week, you’ll earn a 10% bonus to ALL eligible earnings for the entire week! Models are invited to spend as much time as they can streaming during the week of Jan 13-19 (GMT)with the following options:

SMBroadcast Cam2Cam Encoder – When using the classic flash-based streaming page, switch to the new SMBroadcast: Cam2Cam Beta external encoder. This simplified encoder will handle your video quality while also adding an improved connection and the new Cam2Cam experience. Click here to read more and download the encoder.

SMConnect Web Encoder – SMConnect is a new streaming page that they’ve built. The SMConnect soon replace the flash-based streaming page. You must be on the Google Chrome web browser in order to see the SMConnect link. Once you’ve accessed the banner on your Streamatemodels dashboard, you can start your stream using the “Web Encoder” option. built right in! It’s important to note that selecting only the “Web Encoder” option will count towards your 10 hour goal. Click here to read more about the current features on SMConnect.

mobile streaming streamateMobile Streaming on Android and iOS – Neon Live Streaming is an app you can use to connect to your Streamate Models account and stream right from your phone. This week is the perfect chance to try it out and see what your viewers also think. All streams started through the app will get the speed improvements and the new Cam2Cam experience.

Cammodels can choose one of the three options or can stick to just one method for live streaming. The 10% bonus excludes: Video Sales, Affiliate Earnings, TopSpot Placement Adujustments, Partner Sites and Gold Club earnings. Models can expect to see the bonus added to their earnings the following week and on their regular payment schedule.

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