The Complete Camathon Survival Guide

The purpose of this article is to offer a few camgirl tips on how to create a camathon challenge that’s personally catered to their own needs. This will ensure that the actuality of meeting and completing this personal challenge is something that’s attainable and sustainable as well. In fact this up coming week would be a great time to start this challenge if you’re within the Boleyn Models daily pay program and perform live on Streamate. Starting on Aug. 19th there will be an opportunity to earn up to two bonuses for cammodels who qualify. To learn more about this great opportunity check out The Streamate Weekly Bonus Is Back! 

The Survival Guide For Cammodels

1. Review you work history for the last month, at least. If you have access to the last 60 days then even better. Try to determine which days and times were your most profitable. The idea is to spot your own trends and decide what date is best to conduct your camathon.

2. Now that you know the date of your challenge, decide if you’d like to go for aim for a specific money goal or set number of hours. Up until now I’ve been pretty vague on how long a camathon should last and that’s mostly because it varies from person to person. I’ve known cammers that can go for entire 24 hour period with very short breaks here and there. Personally, the longest I’ve ever gone was for 12 hours and I made sure to take three 1 hour breaks during my shift.

  • A Money Goal: is when you don’t stop streaming until you reach your pre-determined amount. If your goal is $400, then you don’t stop until you reach…$400. I think this may be the most difficult goal to set but still manageable.
  • An Hours Goal: is when a cammodel decides how many hours that they can physically and mentally endure while streaming and then sets upon the task. You may want to slightly think about your average earnings per hour and use this as a guide during your camathon, but I’ve found that by setting a goal based on hours vs. money earned it’s far more relaxing. I like to think of it this way. Money goals are most similar to the 50 yard dash, while goals based upon hours are the more akin to an actual marathon.

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3. Cammodels And Their Camathon Supplies. Only you can truly decide what’s needed to help you make it through to the finish line. BUT there are a few cammodel essentials that can definitely ensure that your challenge isn’t grueling and unbearable. With proper preparation and the right supplies the time will fly by.

    • Stock up on personal lubricants like coconut oil or water based solutions.
    • Visit your local market and stock up on your caffeine of choice whether it’s coffee, caffeinated sodas or green tea you may want to have something on hand.
    • Quick snacks that don’t take much time to prepare are always a great idea. I would recommend lots of fruit that can give you a natural boost and won’t weigh you down. Quick meals like tuna salad with chips or crackers are very useful as well.
    • A jug of water that you can keep handy directly in your camroom is vital for staying hydrated during those long camathon hours.
    • Make Cambuddies to keep you company on Skype during the slow periods in between camshows.
      Create a Playlist with your favorite songs and decide which device is best suited to stream it from. My personal preference is the SoundCloud app on my smart phone with the use of a fairly decent Bluetooth speaker. Streaming live music from your work computer while also streaming live video to camsites can be achieved but I would advise against it due to the amount of CPU absorbed during a cammathon.
    • Baby Wipes and fresh towels are always great to keep on hand during long shifts. A couple of outfit changes are great to have as well. Make sure you do your laundry before you start your challenge.

And finally the most important thing you must have before attempting a cammodel camathon is a well rested body. This is important so that you don’t experience Cammodel Burnout. Be sure to get a full eight hours of sleep before you make your attempt. If your body is recharged then you are more likely to complete your camathon in a great mood and less likely to give up far too soon. But if you for whatever reason you cannot complete your challenge try not to be too hard on yourself and understand that there is always the next day where you can begin again.

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