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Some of you may already know that I’m an avid user of social media apps and I absolutely love interacting with other cammodels. But to be honest in the beginning I very rarely reached out to my peers within the camming industry because I mostly performed my camshows live on skype and I didn’t participate too often on cammodel forums.  At that time I didn’t see the value in building relationships with other performers and was deeply rooted with the mindset that only a horny male following was beneficial.

It was several years before I realized that there was more than just financial gains in the cammodel industry.  I learned that opening myself up to BB’s on Twitter & Instagram could connect me with other cammodels with amazing stories as well as testimonials.

Recently I posted the question “When Did You First Become A Cammodel?” on one of our social media pages.  I was so amazed by the wonderful testimonials that came forward and how open some of the models were. One of the responses that particularly touched me came from a camgirl by the name of Nica Vegas, a member of the Boleyn Models network.

In addition to making connections with other models and learning that there isn’t just one singular way to become a cammodel or that the path to success isn’t always the same, I’m able to find out the latest in cammodel news. Recently one of our network partners, ManyVids announced one more venture to expand their brand and provide a new element to their platform. It was on Twitter that I first learned about Trans Awareness Week at the ManyVids Loft.

At BoleynModels acceptance and inclusion is very important to us. Therefore we accept cammodels of all genders and ethnicities into our daily pay program. Content creators and cammodels interested in adding a new clipsite to their basket will definitely find uses and ways to make money with ManyVids and any of the of six clipsite options in our program. . If you’d like to get more involved in the camgirl community and learn more about becoming a cammodel or what’s new in the industry, be sure to follow us @BoleynModels where #CamgirlsUnite.

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