Adult content creators looking for additional to places to sell adult content should checkout Streamate. Creators who also live stream on Streamate can also boost their CAMSCORE with video sales. Over the years Streamate has worked incredibly hard to make their platform a one stop shop for adult entertainment. With new features like the onsite social feed, Streamate can be a great place for clip makers.

Clipmakers desperately need more spaces that are legitimately run in accordance with credit card companies and verification laws. It turns out that Streamate is a member of the BoleynModels daily pay network who does all of the above. Not only is this a great platform for those who like to focus on creating video content, but it can be a great way to generate passive income. It’s not necessary to be a full time streamer on any camsite to build a following. Being consistent and gaining relative knowledge on the topic of traffic and cammodel placement. Just simply logging in to give customers updates on your most recent video helps with retention and your camscore. 


Camscores are used by each and every camsite in existence. It’s an algorithm created to sort out a cammodels placement for prospective customers visiting the site. The camscore is thought to be based on how many much gold per hour a model receives averaged over a 90 day period. Not only is the camscore averaged over 90 days on Streamate, it is also averaged over the hours spent online. I also believe that the algorithm may be similar to other sites where placement is relative to how much the site is making and what models are logged in at that time.

Five Star Ratings

Each new cammodel starts out with a 4-Star rating. It may appear that models in the new model category all have 5-Stars, but once a viewer enters their chatroom they will see that they are in fact rated as a 4.  Also models with 5-Star ratings who haven’t received a new rating within a 90 day period default to 4-stars. This commonly occurs when a cammer hasn’t logged in for some time. The difference between a 4-star rating and a 5-star rating can be quite substantial and can have a great impact on your cammodel placement. 

Additional information regarding the cammodel rating system on Streamate:

Customer ratings are NOT accumulative. This means that ratings received from one singular customer does not average into your overall rating. Only the most recent rating counts. Even if that customer purchases a camshow every single day within a seven day period AND gives a five star rating, only the last rating counts towards your average. Your average is determined by your most recent rating from all customers combined. Once you have achieved five stars it will take up to 24 hours before it is shown on your account.Cammodels tips for getting five stars during their camshows can be obtained by simply asking for them. This may sound strange of feel peculiar while going live but the simply truth is that many of your customers may forget to leave feedback. But you can most definitely request that they leave you a five star rating during your show. Not only can you ask for them verbally but you can also create a preset text message requesting them during the show.

Other factors that can determine when it’s best to be available for camshows are sporting events, religious holidays, natural disasters and politics. In addition using Pornhub Insights is also a great tool to determine the best times to upload a fetish clip. Most clipmakers utilize several different platforms to generate sales and build a following. Along with Streamate, the Boleyn Models Network also includes: Clips4Sale, LoyalFans, IWantClips, ManyVids and ModelCentro. 

If you read the entire PornHub Year In Review you just might be able to come up with a schedule that works for you. Below is a chart that can give you some idea of when adult websites may have the most traffic. 

Busy days cammodels pornhub insights

If you want to improve your placement with live streaming, consider NOT working during peak hours. Peak hours are the times when the sites most popular models are logged in. Even if you’re having a better than average shift your camscore may drop despite a high hourly average. During that time your numbers are being stacked against the top models on the site. The chances of gaining points in comparison are very slim. It may be a better idea to log on during their off hours. 

As always when trying to build a fan base consistency is majorly important. Once you’ve determined what hours you can work, log on the same hours every day. Do you have any regulars? If so don’t be afaid to hit them up. Use your Twitter and Instagram accounts to let them know when you’ll be logging in and when a new clip has been uploaded. You can also offer custom videos in exchange for gold via your profile page while you’re offline. Remember offline tips will help  bring your camscore up tremendously even if you’re not logged in. 

Primarily focusing on creating content while occasionally logging on for live cam is a clipmakers paradise. If you’re an existing cammodel who’d like to join the Boleyn Models Daily Pay Network you can find out more here on our Streamate Daily Pay Transfer faq page.

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