Our Policy Regarding Large Cammodel Payments

TL:DR synopsis: When a single client or quick series of clients pays you a very large amount in a very short period, the rules on how payments work with daily pay can change due to numerous laws and regulations. Please be aware of this if it happens to you.

In the last month we’ve received several different cases where models received absurdly large tips (in the $3000 to $12,000 range) from clients. Each case was handled differently and with mixed results. We’d like to clarify our policy on this so you’re not taken by surprise by any results afterwards.

First thing to keep in mind is that for large amounts of money, that money is not “in the bag” the second the client makes the promise and puts in his credit card number. Credit cards don’t work instantly like most people think. There is a “reserve” and then a “settlement” that happens days or weeks later. Think of it like the paperwork catching up. When you buy anything with your card, that money doesn’t actually move – its just blocked off. Days or weeks later, that money is actually moved from sender to receiver. Most of the time for small amounts, this is fine – everyone in the chain trusts each other completely so it seems seamless and instant.

boleynmodels large cammodel payments

With large amounts, that money isn’t yours yet. Due to the high risk and high fraud nature of the adult business, additional checks may be mandated by the processor before they complete the transaction. This can include your client verifying with his own cc company or filling out an online form (that may require his ID card) to verify the transaction was his and he is the owner of the card. This also makes chargebacks from him in the future very difficult (but still not impossible).

Once that hurdle is cleared, we have to contend with the AML Regulations (Anti-Money Laundering) that limits our ability to pass through large transactions from one point to another…we are practically limited to what we can pay you in a given rolling time period from a single client without triggering investigations.

Working directly on websites with a 2 or 4-week delay and/or a reserve, this is also much more easily handled. They have a lot of time to verify things before it becomes an issue with your expected pay.

Best Practices:

  • Do Not Get Excited: There’s about an 50/50 chance that you either won the lottery or you got taken by a fraudster – and it will be weeks before you can really lean one way or the other.
  • Chargeback Protection And Common Sense Limits: Chargeback Protection does not mean this is an opportunity to gain free money from bad clients.  In the case of a chargeback someone always ends up on the hook for the amount.  Therefore every business has the right to create their own policies regarding chargeback protection and can refuse a transaction if it’s not inline with their best practices.
  • If The Client Has A History Of  Filing Chargebacks:  If your client has previously been flagged as a scammer who appears on industry blacklist, then there is a very great chance you will not see that money.
  • Communicate With Your Clients And Prepare Them For Verification:  Calmly and as sweetly as possible let them know that they’ll probably need to confirm the amount with the credit card company when they call him. Its not a done deal until they do.
  • When The Customer Is Well Known And An Established Client:  This client should continue to pay by usual means on the original site they found you on. Any strange behavior (alternate accounts, credit cards, etc) will trigger security warnings and present red flags. Legitimate whales do nor need a pile of alternative IDs and credit cards. They just simply whip out their  VISA Platinum Card and then call it a day. Many whales consider it a privilege to tell people that they happily spent that money when called for verification.
  • Be Available For A Discussion With Us: We can explain things much better with a short chat via Skype, than if we’re to respond via text messages or emails. A quick live chat can help us piece everything together and it can also help ensure we’re still talking to the correct person.
  • Please Be Patient And Circle Back To Rule No. 1. These things take time to verify in order to assure that everything checks out. It may feel helpful discussing the situation with your client and the website used to generate the exchange, however this will not present the entire picture.  For moderate amounts this can be paid out within 24 hours or so, but for very large cammodel payments this can take as long as 30 days. Even after the 30 day hold for larger payments our disbursement schedule for those funds can go as long as 90 days.  If the client and money are legit, you will have it as quickly as security and regulations allow.

We did at one time put a note on our site to fraudsters. Using BoleynModels is not a good way to launder stolen cards.  Our Daily Pay Network For Cammodels may seem like an easy target, but since most of our work is by hand we get to know what our models’ earning patterns are.  Because we are so thorough it’s far more difficult for fraudulent transactions to pass through our program. The nature of our niche business means that one model can and will affect the others working with them, and our policies are geared towards protecting the livelihoods of the vast majority that work hard and play by the rules.

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