Boleyn Models Teams Up With LoyalFans.

Boleyn Models teams up with LoyalFans to give cammodels more paysite options, plus daily payments. Models can earn money from their social media followers when they choose the LoyalFans platform. They aren’t the first company to provide selling tools for adult marketing via social media, but they have proven to be one of the most innovative. Not only will you receive daily payments when you choose Boleyn Models as your payout option, LF will offer multiple ways to interact with your adoring fans.

What Is Loyal Fans Exactly?

We’ve spoken here on the blog how it’s important for cammodels to not focus on just one stream of income. It’s completely possible for many to earn money while live streaming, but for others creating adult clips for sale is now their main income. And this is where content hosting sites like C4S, Manyvids and now LoyalFans comes into play.  content creators can turn their inventiveness and influence into thriving businesses via the most advanced and innovative technology available. The site’s features and tools include customizable messaging, live streaming, video chat, audio recording and podcasting. There is even new video features that adult content creators can use as a selling tool.

loyalfans dailypay boleynmodels The new video features supports hashtags, trending videos, and allows for video bookmarks. There are numerous simple and easy-to-use filters, as well as super fast searching capabilities and a history feature to keep track of previously viewed and explored items. 

Selling videos via a store format is one of the most important tools creators can access in today’s online market,” said Loyalfans’ co-founder Eduard A. Braileanu. “We have dedicated our team to creating the most optimized, user-friendly space. Be it on a desktop or mobile, creators and fans will find no better place to exchange videos and clips. 

Start your Loyalfans page today and turn your followers into recurring revenue with a 76% payout when you choose Boleyn Models for daily payments.

Creators can access Media Cloud from their Loyalfans’ dashboard to manage photos, videos, GIFs, and audio files. Media Cloud also allows creators to grab content and use it across the platform. 

LoyalFans Updates 8/20/21

loyalfans media cloud

Media Cloud provides a full activity log and history for all files, including messages. This helps creators optimally leverage their content, avoiding repetition and maximizing each piece of content’s use value.

Creators can access Media Cloud from their Loyalfans’ dashboard to manage photos, videos, GIFs, and audio files. Media Cloud also allows creators to grab content and use it across the platform. 

Celebrate Content Creators Everywhere with 100% Payout on August 26!

loyalfans content creators day

In honor of the second annual International Content Creators Day, August 26, 2021 is 100% payout day on

“From short viral vids on trending sites to daily vlogs and lifestyle updates, we look to content creators to keep us connected, informed, inspired, and entertained. Content creators go the extra mile by sharing generously of themselves, touching every aspect of the human experience — and also producing, editing, and posting content consistently for eager audiences. It’s an intense, laborious process that’s not to be minimized.

In honor of content creators everywhere and the second annual International Content Creators Day, Loyalfans will be holding some fun giveaways on Twitter all month long (make sure to follow @realloyalfans for all the silliness!), as well as their annual 100% payout day on August 26th!”


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