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I recently had the pleasure of chatting with two wonderful cammodel performers who also own the SexWorkBB podcast. They go by the name of @KyraKaneMFC and @Shaye_Taylor3 of Streamate and they couldn’t be more perfect together. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and the organic way in which they both complemented one another’s personality. I was invited onto the SexworkBB podcast to discuss the inner workings of the Boleyn Models Daily Pay program and other cammodel related topics. Well, initially it was supposed to be about Boleyn Models, but it wasn’t long before the conversation spread out into different directions. And in my opinion that’s the making of a wonderful and enlightening experience.

During our chat I learned just as much about Kyra and Shaye as fairly new cammers in the industry and I probably shared about our program. I love to chop it up and as many of us within the cammodel community are fully aware of how isolating working from home can be. Despite the fruits and rewards that come along with being self employed in a stay at home career, it can from time to time cause one to become a hermit. And during the podcast we actually touched on that quite a bit and at one point they both admitted that this was one of the reasons they decided to create their podcast. Both Kyra and Shaye are met online like many of us do after having three years experience cammodel performers. What I found the most interesting about their dynamic is that they initially appeared to be exact opposites with very different camming styles and preferences. However it wasn’t long that I started to notice that they both were completely in tune with one another and often finished one another’s sentences. They had the perfect vibes for creating a cammodel podcast.

Of course my purpose for appearing on their podcast was to promote Boleyn Models and discuss what it was like to work for a female owned startup in the camming community, but because they were so endearing I’m not sure if I was able to cover all of the bases? In fact at one point I got so excited once I realized that I had coincidentally watched Kyra do a ManyVids Takeover a month before! Unfortunately I didn’t make the connection between her the podcaster and her as a MV Model. To be honest I think it may have been the aesthetics of her bedroom that I found familiar until it clicked that she was the same dope chick doing a hangout show with black lights 4 weeks prior. All the same I’m glad I had an opportunity to talk with them both about the fun world of camming and other random cammodel musings. 🙂 If you would like to listen to the Boleyn Models episode on the SexWorkBB podcast please scroll down below.

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