Webcam Problems & Avast Virus Protection

For many cammodels internet security is of the up most importance and are accustomed to using virus protection to make using the internet a safer experience. However very recently it’s been found out that webcam users who have Avast virus protection downloaded on their computers are now running into issues. As recently as two weeks ago consumers of Avast have run into issues with using their webcams on multiple platforms and streaming encoders. It appears that users of the popular software are unable to access visual capabilities of their favorite webcams online.
Cammodels who are unable to use their devices on popular platforms like Streamate and others have taken to Twitter and industry forums searching for answers.

After a thorough internet search researching the issue of webcams suddenly not being recognized in software like: Adobe FMLE, Manycam, Justcamit and Streamate’s SM Broadcaster, I’ve learned that it’s not just an issue that affects cammodels. According to the OBS forums online gamers are suffering along with cammodels. OBS is an acronym for Open Broadcaster Software and is used by both streamers in the adult industry and mainstream platforms like Youtube and twitch.

avast webcam not working

According to my research webcam users began having issues with webcams not being detected or having a black screen showing to viewers instead of a perfectly crisp screen. Some models who perform live on Streamate have added the issue to the the very popular hashtag #smglitch and have given up hope for a resolution. As it turns out that this particular issue isn’t a Streamate glitch but something related to Avast Internet security and can be resolved by uninstalling the software on your computer. Recently Avast has made updates to there software and have not yet white listed popular sites within their database. Apparently they are working on the issue but in the meantime if you’re a cammodel suffering issues with webcam performance you may want to disable your Avast Internet software and see if that works for you. To ensure you are not surfing the web unprotected try using Microsoft programs like Windows Defender.

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