Amber Rose Breaks Barriers

The Amber Rose Manyvids Takeover is happening on Monday, Sept. 25th at 4pm est. This recent takeover will be in honor of the 2017 Amber Rose SlutWalk going down in Los Angeles Ca. All money earned during the takeover will be donated to event. Recently Manyvids decided to hold a contest to coincide with the Slutwalk for five MV Stars where prizes included tickets to attend as well as money to go towards travel expenses.

amber rose manyvids takeover


Amber Rose is one of many cross over celebrities who’ve come from backgrounds entrenched in the adult entertainment industry, who are now achieving major success in main stream roles. Along with other women such as Blacc Chyna and Cardi B, Amber Rose first became popular as a featured dancer in several high profile strip clubs in the US. In a time where many have worked towards keeping adult entertainment in the dark with new ordinances declaring porn a public heath hazard in states like Utah and now Florida, deciding for women what is acceptable in mainstream society, women like Amber Rose are standing up for equality among the sexes and the LGBTQ community.

This is what I find so exciting about cross over success that transcends boundaries and removes the limitations on what anyone can do with an adult background. Many of us who are cammodels, pornstars and content creators on sites like Manyvids have all made the decision long ago to become adult performers in lieu of a mainstream career. Mostly because we may never have dreamed that it was possible to have a career in other sectors for fear of our backgrounds catching up to us. And when it comes to down to making a choice between being a self employed entrepreneur who’s capable of earning a large income from the comfort of your own home versus working for “the man” for many the decision was easy. However things have begun to shift and it’s becoming more and more obvious that the door can swing both ways. We no longer have to decide either or because we can now do both!

amber rose manyvids slutwalk

Cammodels who may want to explore other career opportunities should not be discouraged or feel limited by their current means of income. In fact I believe that being a cammodel is a gateway to other ventures that may not have been possible had I not have become a sex worker first. As an independent performer over the years I’ve amassed a large amount of skills in regards to self promotion, online marketing and a full grasp of high end technology. Being a cammodel is probably the best on the job experience any work at home capitalist can ever have. You can work at your own pace learning how to use social media platforms to extend your personal brand and educate yourself on how to live stream in HD quality. Combine those skills with charm plus charisma and you’ll find a performer capable of being a success on any platform whether it’s ManyVids or Youtube.

This is why I’m excited for the future of the cammodel industry and all the doors that are opening up for us. Personally I don’t even think we need to wait for the doors to open up but instead we can create that door for ourselves. I am completely grateful for women like Amber Rose and innovative platforms suck as ManyVids who understand that the barriers between mainstream and adult entertainment should no longer exist. Be sure to check out Amber Rose a brand new MV Star go live on Sept. 25th at 4pm est for her first ManyVids takeover.

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