Adult Crowdfunding With Manyvids

Generating a passive income can be an integral part of the camgirl experience and by creating camgirl fundraisers what used to be considered passive, becomes more legitimate with experience.  Organizing cammodel  fundraisers is a fantastic way for your fans to support you even when you aren’t online. Once created models can run their campaigns on various social media platforms with the hopes of raising money for a variety of things like rent and even boob jobs. It’s absolutely vital when deciding to create a digital fundraiser that you choose a platform that’s suited for your needs as well as being appropriate for adult work. It’s best to avoid platforms that are against adult work because even if your fundraiser isn’t related to camming, you run the risk of cancellation if you’re using your performer name and associated email accounts. But now that we have adult friendly sites like Manyvids creating fundraisers for cammodels has gotten so much easier.
manyvids crowdfunding
What Platforms Are Best For Adult Crowdfunding?
Manyvids is a part of the Boleyn Models Network and is quickly becoming one of the more popular sites within the program. Typically fundraisers that make the most profit originate cammers who have a loyal following based on engagement and reward. It’s similar to having a sale, where you offer “x” amount of product such as a live skype session or videos in return for a donation. These sort of events are also known as crowdfunding have also been used on platforms such as Model Centro. In 2016 Model Centro created a crowdfunding widget for last years Camming Con. In fact MC created a contest around this innovative tool in the hopes of it growing in popularity.
You have to view your fundraiser as a business transaction, just like all other adult community transactions, the person donating is trying to think of the effect their donation will cause.  fundraisers work best because most fans within the  camming community donate with themselves in mind. This isn’t to say that they’re disinterested in meeting the needs the model who organized it, but it’s important to appeal to their needs first. If it is an immediate effect like videos, that will usually be a good incentive to get donations. Some people think that offering incentives takes away from the “fundraiser” quality, but it really increases the odds of making money. Incentive are selling tools that can help you move from one benchmark to the next.
How To Choose A Topic For Your Camgirl Fundraiser
To fundraise you need to pick a “topic” that people will want to donate towards. Once again think of this in its long term effect on the customer, a guy may feel more inclined to donate towards a boob job so your chest will look how he would like it to as opposed to a rent paying fundraiser. Does this seem messed up? A little bit, but that’s the adult community. The more sexual your fundraiser is also seems to impact how successful it will be. People like to feel like they are a part of something “taboo” so by donating to enlarging breasts they feel like they’ve made a “long term sexual impact” with the model. You also have to take your popularity and base of fans into account for this, girls who cam on MFC have a “community” behind them who enjoy working together and helping you, so MFC camgirls may receive support from more people, while someone who uses Streamate and makes more connections with people on a personal level may receive large monetary donations from less people. If you are a person with a “community” behind you, offering low deals for less content may work better for you than someone with less of a fan base who may be more successful offering large “package” options.
 manyvids adult crowdfunding
You also have to consider how your fundraiser looks on an emotional level, a regular who loves and supports you is probably more willing to donate to a fundraiser with emotional meaning while a random guy who doesn’t know you is more likely to donate towards something with less sentimental meaning to the model. For example, one of my close friends is fundraising to get a tattoo cover up, the meaning behind the tattoo to her causes very negative feelings because it is connected to her past relationship. Regulars have offered to help far more than newer customers or people who stumbled upon the fundraiser have offered because the regulars connect with you on a deeper level.
CrowdFunding & Adult Fundraisers, Where Should I Promote Them?
As stated before it’s practically imperative to use digital marketing to dominate social media and promote your campaign. Although Manyvids is an ever growing platform it’s simply not enough to depend upon onsite traffic. As a cammodel you must build your traffic and target your audience. And if you’ve already mastered your niche and subcategories then this will be a piece of cake. However if it  doesn’t appear that you’re excelling fast enough, try considering a change in order to make it more appealing to your fanbase. There are many options for things that can be offered like fan signs, videos, cam shows, or custom videos.
camgirls social mediaGetting fundraiser support is another important part of making sure it is successful, crowdfunding needs a crowd. Connect with fellow models and ask them to help spread the word, put it on your profiles to spread the word. The more impressions your fundraiser makes on people, the more likely you are to get a donation. You may even be surprised and receive donations from people you haven’t talked to that are looking to donate to you because they’d like to build a relationship with you. If your campaign starts to gain popularity and gets a lot of support, raising your goal can be seen as selfish and may cause problems among people wanting to donate. Unless it actually needs to be raised, I would not suggest raising the goal. Once you hit the goal, starting another fundraiser would be more honorable than “profiting off of your popularity” by extending your fundraiser.
How Fundraisers Should Build A Deeper Connection
In light of the deep level of connection, targeting your regulars is a great way to plan fundraisers. Do things you know your current audience will like with the hopes that other people will also enjoy. A customer who has a higher chance of donating to the fundraiser is someone you should try to please and appease. When I say “target your regulars” don’t try to drain them of all their money because you know they will do it for you, offer reasonable deals that make things fair for everyone.
crowdfunding manyvids
If your fundraiser doesn’ go successfully, try to make switches in your goals. Such as “I was fundraising for rent, and I spent $200 a month on sex toys” so you can try to fundraise for the sex toy purchases and take some pressure off of how much money you’re putting towards rent. Doing a “trade of goals” can give you more money to put towards what you ACTUALLY want while still keeping passive income coming in.
You never have to abandon a fundraiser, re-model what you’re looking for and you will find a way to make it work. Figure out what your audience wants and base your choices off of that. Abandoning a fundraiser will show customers that the fundraiser wasn’t important enough to fight for, which makes them less inclined to donate to future fundraisers. For more information on How To Create A Fundraiser With Manyvids please Contact Aerie on Twitter

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