A Cammodel’s Guide To Online Domination

By Aerie Lovee

camgirl aeriesm
Online Domination is defined as the exercise of control or influence over someone or something, and this exercise is being more actively sought out online every day. There are many different types of domination, which can make it confusing for people who are new to webcam work (for both the client and the cammodel.) The most important part for people who are considering online domination, is to remember that there is no right or wrong way to dominate your submissive. There are many instructional guides that try to depict a correct and incorrect way to control your submissives, when in reality the thing that will draw you in more potential submissives is dominating in your own unique and special way. Which leads me to the different “types” of Doms, there are Financial Dommes, Female Supremacy Dommes, Bratty Princesses, Master Doms, and then even more specific subsets which fall into those types.
Online Domination Subsets
Financial Domination is a growing community of Dommes (typically women) who will “drain” or “rinse” a male submissive commonly known as a “pay pig.” The point of FinDom is that the submissive is to give money to the woman in order to satisfy her and in return shall receive the satisfaction of knowing he has pleased his Goddess. Some Doms reward their submissives for consistent financial tributes, while some are more strict and a bit more cruel and deny their submissive an immediate reward. In some sectors of online domination there are scenarios where paypigs are continuously humiliated for complying with the dommes demands.
The “Bratty Princess”

camgirl aeriesmIs exactly what she sounds like, a brat. Asking for things such as tasks or money, this subset can fall under both FinDom and FemDom or just under one. The “Bratty Princess” doesn’t take no for an answer and will boss you around until she gets her way. The Male Dom can also fall under FinDom but it is not as common for men to participate in Financial Domination as it is predominately a female run community.
Female Supremacy Domination is a woman who believes she is superior to men or that men are somehow below them, therefore they must be punished or receive consequence for being inferior. There are many things that FemDoms may do such as Small Penis Humiliation (SPH), Cum Eating Instruction (CEI), Cock and Ball Torture (CBT), Sissification, Cuckolding, and blackmail/homewrecking. The general goal of the FemDom is getting off by humiliating their submissive, which in turn also gets their submissive off because their “abuser” is receiving pleasure from their humiliation.
I’ve only done vanilla shows, are Dom shows hard?
A lot of people are scared to venture into domination because they have misconceptions about it. Domination is not hard at all if you enjoy it. You have to keep in mind though, it is not for everyone! If you have a hard time being harsh with people, this probably isn’t something that will work for you. It was even hard for me at first until I realized that my harshness was providing pleasure, but this isn’t a revelation that makes it easier for everyone.
How do you implement domination shows on webcam? 
Understanding domination does not necessarily make it easy to implicate into your shows. First and foremost you should identify your comfort zone as well as your place on the dom/sub spectrum. If you like to control the situation, take charge, and are generally confident in cam situations then you are likely dominant. If you like an equal amount of give and take, enjoy taking charge but also being overtaken, and are willing to step forward or back as needed in a cam situation then you may be a switch. If you like being controlled, being taken charge of, and prefer to not make the decisions in a cam situation, you may be submissive.
Once you’ve established your interests, then you can start to identify with this sexual identity in your shows.  Domination shows can be tricky when you first start off because each customer will have different limitations, the best way to overcome this awkwardness will be to establish these limits before the show starts. Identify what they are interested in and ask them what their hard limits and soft limits are. Some submissives will enjoy having their limits pressed which is what “soft limits” are. Hard limits should not be pressed, and should be avoided completely. After you have established the limits, then you as the Dom will take the lead. Based on what they’ve asked of you (some will straight out say they would like a specific kind of humiliation) you will do what they’ve asked or “poke around” until you hit what seems to work for them. This can vary from person to person so do not feel discouraged if it takes some time, and you can even ask (in a sassy way, of course) what they would like.
I’ve tried domination and I like it, how do I keep my customers coming back?
Now that you’ve taken the leap and you liked it, you can start making things more interesting. You can start “cum denying” your subs with the promise of cumming next time, which will bring them back as returning customers. If you are more interesting in catering to FinDom then you can charge “cum tax” in which someone has to pay to finish or come back for another session for the opportunity to finish.
Some of your submissives will want to be “owned” by you, which means that they will be loyal to you. They may display this on their profiles or social media, which will also drive traffic to you and increase your customer base. “Owning” a submissive is a very valuable and deep relationship between a Dom and her submissive. If you chose to own submissives, you will have total control over their ability to have orgasms, and some submissives will even give you control over their assets/personal relationships. Remember that although domination is fun and the threat of potentially “destroying” your submissives life may appeal to them, if you actually do bring harm to their life you may endanger your relationship with them as your submissive.

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