7 Day Law Of Attraction Challenge

By CakesX

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The first time I learned about the law of attraction, I only learned the basics. It was 2006, and best-selling book turned movie, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrnes had just made it’s splash into mainstream media around the world and into our family movie night. My mom had read the book and excitedly brought the dvd home to share with my dad and us four kids. Unfortunately, my Dad dismissed it as “woo woo nonsense”, and my siblings were too young to understand so they followed suit. That left my mom and I, whispering about it’s magic and writing down our dreams, poring through magazines to cut up pictures and quotes for our vision boards.

The premise of The Secret is simple: like attracts like. If your thoughts are focused on positive experiences, the universe will bring them to you. If your thoughts are focused on negative experiences, the universe will bring them to you. Yet The Secret left out a few major keys when exploring and implementing the law of attraction in your life. So people like me who assumed I could fake happiness and magically change my circumstance were left with an empty sense of failure. I threw away my vision board, and ceased to believe.

Five years later, I dipped my toes into the camming industry and fell instantly in love. Do you remember your first really good day on cam? The day that made you believe your dreams could come true? That day for me was on myfreecams. I’d logged in anxiously, a few days after customizing my profile and outlining my persona, and to my surprise amazing members and tokens started pouring in! I was ecstatic! My face was lit up with happiness and tears of gratitude, which made a lot of the people in my room tip even more just to “see how excited you get!” I felt like I was dreaming, and after logging off I kept mentally pinching myself to make sure the money I’d just made was real. I couldn’t hold it all in so I told my roommate (bad idea!), she was quick to laugh and point out that the “tokens” I had just made were not possibly real. I believed her, stopped logging in, and was so close to giving up that when my payment went through I had wasted my “new girl” front-page status! Looking back I definitely wish I had kept it to myself, but it kept me from ever sharing anything with that roommate again! (If you ever get the urge to celebrate your cam status, check out camgirl forums instead ^_~)

Fast-forward five-ish more years and we are here! It’s 2018, and I know now that you can change your life at any time of the day, or even multiple times a day! With that knowledge, I decided to adapt a seven day law of attraction challenge for camgirls. The reason I chose a seven day challenge, is because it allows you to stay focused each day, and tweak or fix anything at the end of the week, so you can start it again and quickly see results! I’m approaching the challenge like an experiment, focusing on one specific thing I want to attract in my life. Tokens!!!( Or credits, tips, $$, etc.)

Day One loa day one  in this step by step plan is all about choosing what to attract in your life. I chose tokens, because they are a visible representation of wealth that our industry makes it super easy to attract! Tokens create a sense of joy when received, that I can access by feeling, seeing, or remembering at any time. They translate into money, which I can use to improve my life and the lives of those around me. And they are simply effortless to be passionate about, for the entire week of the challenge! Passion is key when choosing something to manifest. If you have a sticky note or notebook to write down your choice for day one, it’s even better for your brain to visualize!


Day Two loa day twois about coming up with positive affirmations that support your main goal. Careful wording is very important, because the universe responds to direct commands. Instead of saying, “I want to receive tokens”, say, “I’m always receiving tokens”. Basically, if your thoughts are focused on words like, “ I need tokens”, the universe will give you just that. The need for tokens, instead of actual tokens! If you instead focus on words like, “I love having tokens”, the universe can then respond with tokens! Try writing down at least five positive affirmations on day two. Here are the five I came up with for us, remember writing them down or saying them outloud to yourself is important.

  1. I am worthy of making tokens.
  2. I am a token magnet!
  3. Tokens come to me in expected and unexpected ways.
  4. My actions create constant tokens
  5. I am at peace with having a lot of tokens

There are tons of positive affirmations online for everything from love, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. I adapted my top five affirmations from this website which has tons of information on how to shift your beliefs from, “I don’t deserve xyz” to “I release my doubts over xyz”. Check out: 25 Money Affirmations To Attract Wealth And Abundance for extended knowledge and awareness.

Day Three loa day threeis my favorite because it’s about visualizing, and making vision boards is so much fun! If you don’t have time to cut and glue together a vision board from magazines and art supplies, you can use an app like PicsArt. I made one with all of my highest tips, token showers, best days and I even changed my to-do list notification alert to the sound of MFC tokens! (Think, pavlov’s dog but happier? It actually made me more excited to complete offline tasks.) If you don’t have the time to make a vision board, day three should include a few times of sitting down, clearing your mind, and focusing directly on your goal. For me this includes closing my eyes, envisioning the tokens, feeling the excitement build, basking in the gratitude, and ultimately focusing on every aspect of my life that is improved by those tokens.

Day four loa day four the goal is to “act as if”. Use your imagination to picture yourself logging online and receiving tokens for your countdown. Imagine the happiness that comes with being tipped for your creativity and being able to share that creativity with your members and fans! Hold on to that feeling of gratitude for each token that will allow you the wealth you deserve for your hard work. If you have time, start or check out your wishlist and imagine how amazing it feels to have access to everything you’ve earned. I like to do a little happy dance when I get tipped, you could dance around your room and get your members excited with you!

There is no limit to this exercise and focusing your intentions will feel far better than focusing on what you don’t have yet. Another great place to practice this is while you shower and get ready to cam. I like to keep MyFreeCams open in the background because seeing my fellow lovelies make tokens online is inspiring! It’s not often we hear that there is “enough money to go around”. But it is true! If you see your favorite model get a huge pile of tokens, instead of thinking, “I’m jealous they got money instead of me.” try thinking, “Im happy they are making money, and I am entirely capable of making money too!” Trust me when I say this one little shift in the way you think and react to others success will bring you the same.

Now say it loud in your best DJ Khaled impression: “THEY don’t want you to know that!” 🙂 

Day Five loa day five is your chance to make a gratitude list. It’s important to write down everything you currently have that you are grateful for already. Gratitude is a powerful force in the universe, I started doing one each day when I wake up, and it’s changed my life immensely. You can write down the simple things like, “I’m grateful I woke up. I’m grateful for this hot shower I’m about to take. I’m grateful I have the opportunity to work from home. And I’m grateful there is enough wealth in this world to go around!” This exercise allows you to remember and notice all of the things you have worked so hard to attain. It reminds you the potential for making tokens is already within you! If you wake up feeling down on yourself, writing out a quick gratitude list could shift your whole mood for the day.

Day Six loa day six look for new opportunity. Since the focus of my experiment is tokens, I am always coming up with new ideas to try out on cam or in a clip. The camming industry gives us so many creative outlets to profit from! Use your imagination to come up with a unique show, allow yourself to try something you’ve been putting off for fear of failure. Analyze your current cam persona, and identify the things your members are most likely to tip for, then enhance them! Check out different camgirl resources available to you, such as forums, blogs, and wiki articles. New ideas and inspiration surround us, if we take the time to look. I recently opened a clip store, on day six I will record something I’ve never tried before (a new fetish or outfit), and I’ll also record a new version of something I’ve had the most success with (checking my top sales to expand upon). Day six is another exercise you can practice at any time. Bored at home? Record a new clip! Bored online? Play a new game! Staying within the rules of each site, there is no limit to what you can come up with.

loa day seven

Day Seven reflect on the past six days. Notice what you accomplished and write it down. Share your results with a trusted friend, or in the comments section below. Start a new thread in your favorite forum to share your success. Take note of anything you could do in the next week to improve. If you have time, day seven is the perfect place to write out a plan for the upcoming week. Be gentle with yourself no matter what you achieved, and don’t lose the fire burning in your chest that drives you to keep trying!

The reason I love this seven day challenge, is because in our industry, the cam world allows you to see real time results! The changes you make to your positive intention, have the power to bring tokens at any point in your day. The format is easy to follow and adapt to any part of your life. If you want to manifest something other than tokens, it’s as simple as shifting your focus and following through with each day. I’m going to repeat this challenge for a month straight, since practice makes each concept take hold in your brain until it becomes effortless to attract what you deserve! For a more in depth look at this seven day challenge check out: The 7 Day Step By Step Manifestation Plan

And if you haven’t had enough of the law of attraction and how to apply it to your cammodel business here’s an amazing quiz that will show you exactly what it is that’s holding your back: What Is Stopping Your From Living Your Life Effectively?  My wish is for everyone who reads my cammodel guide to the law of attraction will gain insight on just how capable they are, and know that anything and everything they work for they absolutely deserve.


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